TIBCo Spotfire

TIBCo Spotfire

Data Discovery and Visualization: Instantly visualize, interact with, and share data to spot the buried opportunities and risks nobody else can see.

Dashboards and Analytic Apps: Bring insight to everyone by giving your data a voice that projects a clear message and encourages exploration to the knowledge worker.

Predictive Analytics: Anticipate what's next and quickly discover what you need to do to improve customer satisfaction and gain competitive advantage.

Advanced Collaboration Tools: Collaborate in context to accelerate more informed and transparent decisions.

Location Analytics: Bring location-based user experience to e-commerce and analytical applications to helps users complete complex tasks rapidly and instinctively, such as booking a hotel room, checking inventory levels, and finding the closest store.

1.	Introduction To Spotfire 
    o	Why We use Sportfire?
    o	What does Sportfire Do?
    o	who is the Spotfire user?

    o	Spotfire Basic skills
    o	Visualizations
    o	Performing Data Filtering
    o	Data Drill¬Down
    o	Underlying Data
    o	Expected Format of a data table
    o	Loading Data using an information link

    o	Properties of Tables,  Bar Charts and Line Charts
    o	Interpreting Bar Chartsand Line Charts
    o	General Visualizations Features
    o	Adjusting Properties
    o	Underlying data
    o	Coloring
    o	Trellis Visualizations

    o	Types of Filters
    o	Changing Filter Types
    o	Filtering Display Options
    o	Filters Organization
    o	Filtering Schemes
    o	Drill¬Down

Highlighting Items
    o	Marking Data
    o	Details¬ On ¬Demand
    o	Visualizations
    o	Multiple Markings

Saving And Exporting
    o	Saving a Spotfire file
    o	Exporting Data From Spotfire
    o	Exporting Visualizations From Spotfire

More Visualization Types
    o	Combination Charts
    o	Introduction to Combination Chart
    o	Properties of Combination Chart
    o	Using Combination Charts

Scatter Plots
    o	Introduction to Scatter Plot
    o	Properties of Scatter Plot
    o	Using Scatter Plots
    o	Introduction to 3D Scatter Plots
    o	Properties of 3D Scatter Plot
    o	Using 3D Scatter Plots

PIE Charts
    o	Introduction to PIE Chart
    o	Properties of PIE Chart
    o	Using PIE Charts

Summary Tables
    o	Summary Table Introduction
    o	Summary Table Properties
    o	Using Summary Tables

Cross Tables
    o	Introduction to Cross Table
    o	Cross Table Properties
    o	Using Cross Tables

Graphical Tables
    o	Introduction to Graphical Tables
    o	Graphical Table Properties
    o	Using Graphical Tables

MAP Charts
    o	Introduction to Map Chart
    o	Map Chart Properties
    o	Using Map Charts

Parallel Coordinate Plot
    o	Introduction to Parallel Coordinate Plot
    o	Parallel Coordinate Plot Properties
    o	Using Parallel Coordinate Plots

Tree Maps
    o	Introduction to Tree Map
    o	Tree Map Properties
    o	Using Tree Maps

Box Plots
    o	Introduction to Box Plot
    o	Box Plot Properties
    o	Using Box Plots

Heat Maps
    o	Introduction to Heat Map
    o	Heat Map Properties
    o	Using Heat Maps

Text Areas

    o	Color Modes
    o	Color Break Points
    o	Color Rules
    o	Coloring In Tables, Cross Tables and Heat Maps

More Coloring Features
    o	Adding Data To An Existing Analysis
    o	Adding New Rows to a Data Table
    o	Adding New Columns to a Data Table
    o	Adding New Data Tables
    o	Transformations
    o	Pivot
    o	UnPivot

Calculate And Replace Column
    o	Calculate  New Column
    o	Change Column Names
    o	Change Data Types
    o	Data Function
    o	Exclude Columns
    o	Preview
    o	Formatting Numbers
    o	Short Number Format

Handling Multiple Data Tables
    o	Selecting a Data Table
    o	Filters Panel With Multiple Data Tables

Relating Across Visualizations

Filtering Options
    o	Bundling Data
    o	Data Binning
    o	Auto Binning
    o	Binned Column
    o	Using Tags
    o	Using Lists
    o	Capturing Your Analysis

Book Marks
    o	Adding And Applying Bookmarks
    o	Sharing Bookmarks

Deriving More Information From Raw Data
    o	Calculated Columns
    o	Custom Expressions
    o	Similarity Between Custom Expressions And Aggregation methods
    o	The Slicing
    o	Markers

Applications Of Custom Expressions
    o	Basic Syntax Rules
    o	Over Expressions
    o	Over In Calculated Columns
    o	Over in Custom Expressions
    o	Terms To Use in Over Expressions
Node Navigation Methods
    o	ALL()
    o	PREVIOUS()
    o	NEXT()
    o	ALLNEXT()
    o	PARENT()
    o	IF()
    o	CASE()
    o	MAX() AND MIN()

AS statement
    o	Nest And Cross Statements
    o	Multiple Over Statements

Limiting Data in Visualizations
    o	Limiting Data Using Markings
    o	Limiting Data Using Filtering's
    o	Limiting Data Using Expressions

Column, Data Table Document Properties
    o	Column Properties
    o	Data Table Properties
    o	Document Properties
    o	Error Bars

Lines And Curves
    o	Horizontal And Vertical Lines
    o	Avg. and Standard Deviations
    o	Curve Draw
    o	Curve From Data Table
    o	Line From Column Values
    o	Straight Line Fit
    o	Polynomial Curve Fit
    o	Logistic Regression Curve Fit
    o	Power Curve Fit
    o	Logarithmic Curve Fit
    o	Exponential Curve Fit
    o	Gaussian Curve Fit
    o	Lines & Curves Examples

Statistical Tools
    o	Data Relationships
    o	Line Similarity
    o	Correlation Similarity
    o	Euclidean Distance
    o	Performing a Line Similarity Calculation

Information Links
    o	Creating an information link
    o	Adding Element to the information link
    o	Specifying Join Paths
    o	Adding Filters and Prompts
    o	Specifying Conditioning
    o	Showing Parameters
    o	Specifying Properties
    o	Saving the Information Link
    o	Viewing and editing SQL Paths
    o	Opening Data Using an Information Link

General Workflow for using information designer
    o	Creating Advanced Elements
    o	Aggregated and Drillable Columns

Loading Data on Demand
    o	Sharing Analysis
    o	Distribution of Analysis
    o	Data Access Options

    o	Cover Page
    o	Page Modes

Filters And Filtering Schemes
    o	Filter Organization
    o	Filtering Markings
    o	Columns From Marked

Creating Links To Websites
    o	Adding Filter Controls
    o	Adding Action Controls
    o	Adding Property Controls
    o	Adding Dynamic Items
    o	Authoring Tips
    o	Naming
    o	Hiding Unnecessary Information
    o	Dashboards
    o	Using a Spotfirefile as a template
    o	Using the collaboration panel
    o	Using Information links as templates
    o	Publishing Analysis to TibcoSpotfire Web Player
    o	Saving To the Library
    o	Web Player User Interface