TIBCO Active Matrix BPM is a unified business process management (BPM) and services-oriented architecture (SOA) platform that provides a single environment for automating business processes involving both people and systems. It includes features that save time, streamline work, and reduce costs for both business and IT teams.

For Business, Strong Collaboration and More Efficient Process Design

Using a model-driven design tool, TIBCO Business Studio™, business experts create forms, pageflows, and graphical models of processes, data, and organization structures that serve to visualize the process. This design process allows a fast, iterative approach that delivers rapid time to benefit.

For IT, Reduced Complexity and Expense

Providing BPM and SOA in a single engine, Active Matrix BPM reduces system complexity, as well as development and maintenance expenses, while providing unprecedented scalability and performance using our award winning messaging infrastructure.

    1.	Bpm  Introduction
    2.	Organization Modeller
    3.	Deploying Organization Model
    4.	Object Models
    5.	Modeling Business Processes
    6.	Modeling Forms
    7.	Process As A Service
    8.	Events And Gateways
    9.	Pageflow Processes
    10.	Custom Forms
    11.	Resource Management
    12.	Sub-Processes And Amx Bpm Logging
    13.	Service Tasks
    14.	Using Web Service Tasks
    15.	Enhancing Pageflows