SAP SD stands for SAP sales and distribution. This SAP training module covers SAP Sales and distribution module as well as the training provides extra insight for handling sales, delivery, and creating invoice for the customers. In addition to these the training encompasses user transactions, customization, user exits, exact pricing etc.

Introduction to SAP

Enterprise Structure

Master Data
    •	Customer Master Data
    •	Material Master Data
    •	Customer Material Info Record
    •	Conditons Master Data

Sales Document Processing
    •	Working With Sales Documents
    •	Sales Doc. Structure
    •	Sales Document Types
    •	Item Categories
    •	Schedule Line Categories
    •	Customer Complaints

Pricing (7days)

Free Goods Determination

Material Determination

Material Listing and Exclusion

Bills Of Material (BOM)

Finance Integration
    •	Revenue Account Determination
    •	Credit Management

MM Integration
	•	Availability Check And Transfer Of Requirements

Outline Agreements
    •	Scheduling Agreements.
    •	Contracts
    •	Quantity Contract
    •	Value contract
    •	Service contract,  Master Contract

Special Sales Orders
    •	Cash Sales
    •	Rush Order
    •	Free-of-charge Delivery


    •	Single Level
    •	Packing Multi
    •	Level Packing
    •	Returnable Packing


Copying Controls

Incompletion Procedure

Special Sales Processes
    •	Cross-selling
    •	Third Party Order Processing
    •	Consignment Sales

Inter Company Sales

Other Basic Functions
    •	Output Determination
    •	Text Determination

Batch Management

Rebate Processing

Stock Transport Order


Item Proposal

Dynamic Product Proposal

logistics Information System
	•	Sates Information System

Route Determination

Variant Configuration

CIN (Country Version India)

Individual Purchase Order

Backorder Processing

Sales Deal And Sales Promotion

Warehouse Management

    •	System Landscape
    •	ASAP Methodology
    •	Solution Manager
    •	Transportation Of Requests
    •	Tickets (Real Time Issues)  
    •	Testing
    •	Functional Specs
    •	Business Process Document
    •	Faq