SAP Business Warehouse

SAP Business Warehouse

SAP BW stands for Business Information Warehouse and it is a unique business intelligence platform. SAP BW Online Training covers in its training module functionalities like flexi reporting and analytical tools for rendering support for managers for evaluation and interpretation of data, as well as making easy its distribution

SAP BIW Overview
    •	ERP over view
    •	What is SAP and what are its different products
    •	Role of SAP BIW
    •	Basics of Data Warehouse

    •	BIW System Architecture
    •	Functions of Administrative workbench
    •	Development of Info Objects and Attributes
    •	Master data and Transaction data loading
    •	Data staging and PSA
    •	ODS and Info Cube
    •	Data flow from different source systems
    •	Transformations
    •	Installing objects from Business contents
    •	Info sets and Multi providers

    •	Source system application and data source overview
    •	Types of extractions
    •	Logistics extraction
    •	Generic extraction
    •	Controlling extraction
    •	DB extraction
    •	Data source enhancement

    •	Reporting Basics
    •	Uses of free Chars, Filters and Restriction
    •	Designing reports with Restricted key figures, New selection
    •	Developing calculated key figure and New formula
    •	Reports with Exceptions and Conditions
    •	Variables
    •	Web application designer

    •	Performance issues
    •	Transport connection
    •	Process chains
    •	Issues
    •	Miscellaneous topics
    •	Project orientation

    SAP Net weaver 2004s overview
    Over view of Different software Components in Net weaver
    Over view of Business Intelligence and Glance of all the New Features

Enterprise Data Ware housing – Data Modeling
    •	Info objects
    •	Data store objects
    •	Multi providers and Infosets

Enterprise Data Warehousing – ETL
    •	Master data extraction from Flat file
    •	Transaction data loading to Basic Infocube
    •	Data loading to DSO and DSO to Infocube

Enterprise Data Warehouse – New Concepts
    •	Direct data acquisition using virtual providers
    •	Real time data acquisition from SAP system and Non SAP systems
    •	Remodeling and repartitioning
    •	Migration aspects

New Data Flow Concepts in Net weaver 2004s
    •	Transformations and different types of Transformations
    •	DTP and types of DTPs
    •	Source systems and Data sources

Enterprise Reporting and Query Analysis
    •	Analyzer
    •	Query designer
    •	Report designer
    •	Web application designer
    •	Visual composer reporting

BI Performance
    •	Aggregates
    •	BI Statistics
    •	BI accelerator

BI integrated planning
    •	Planning environment and planning functions
    •	Planning in the excel
    •	Planning on the web