Oracle OEM V 12c Cloud Control

Oracle OEM V 12c Cloud Control

Oracle Enterprise Manager is Oracle's integrated enterprise IT management product line, which provides the industry's only complete, integrated and business-driven enterprise cloud management solution. Oracle Enterprise Manager creates business value from IT by leveraging the built-in management capabilities of the Oracle stack for traditional and cloud environments, allowing customers to achieve unprecedented efficiency gains while dramatically increasing service levels.

The key capabilities of Enterprise Manager include:
    •	A complete cloud lifecycle management solution allowing you to quickly set up, manage and support 
        enterprise clouds and traditional Oracle IT environments from applications to disk.
    •	Maximum return on IT management investment through the best solutions for intelligent management of 
        the Oracle stack and engineered systems with real-time integration of Oracle's knowledgebase with each customer environment
    •	Best service levels for traditional and cloud applications through business-driven application management


Cloud Control Concepts & Architecture • Explaining the different components of Cloud Control Architecture • Discussing all the targets that can be managed using Cloud Control • Discussing the hardware requirements and prerequisites • Identifying the installation options for the Oracle Management Service and the Management Repository Cloud Control Installation & Patching • Install 11gR2 Database • Install Cloud Control • Patch Cloud Control to the latest release – Process and Issues Cloud Control Agent Deployment & Patching on targets • Deployment options for the Oracle management agent • Install management agent on targets • Patch management agent to the latest versions • Management agent post-install configuration

Monitoring targets using Cloud Control

Monitoring through Cloud control • Understanding out-of-box monitoring features • Changing metric settings • Creating and applying Monitoring Templates • Setting up email notification for alerts and corrective actions • Creating User-Defined Metrics • Defining Notification Schedules • Defining Corrective Actions • Creating Blackouts Monitoring database host (server) • Monitoring host availability and resource usage • Viewing host operating system and hardware information • Viewing Storage Details for host • Validating host metrics • Evaluating the CPU utilization for a host • Explaining the features of Cloud Control that allow you to manage and monitor the performance of host targets • Searching and comparing hosts Common Managed Targets: Database • Managing Oracle Databases • Explaining the Database Performance Management features of Cloud Control • Explaining the Database Administration features of Cloud Control • Explaining the Database Maintenance features of Cloud Control • Comparing Database configurations • Examining init parameters Common Managed Targets: Middleware • Managing Oracle Middleware • Explaining the Middleware Performance Management features of Cloud Control • Explaining the Middleware Administration features of Cloud Control • Explaining the Middleware Maintenance features of Cloud Control Common Managed Targets: Cloud Services • Infrastructure Cloud o Managing Oracle VM for x86 • Database Cloud • Chargeback

Cloud Control Administration & Monitoring, Configuration

Configuring Cloud Control • Creating Roles • Creating Administrators • Granting Privileges • Setting up Preferred Credentials • Discussing EMCLI Monitoring Cloud Control • Monitoring the availability of Cloud Control components • Management Monitoring the performance of the Management Server, Repository, and the Agent • Identifying Log and Trace Files • Identifying the various command line utilities that can be used to control the Cloud Control components • Identifying startup and shutdown procedures for the Cloud Control components • Determining the best practices in keeping Cloud Control healthy • Discussing backup of the OMS and the Repository • Monitoring EM Web site Web Application Groups • Understanding the use of groups to organize and manage targets • Defining Groups • Managing and Monitoring Groups • Using groups in notification rules • Understanding Redundancy Groups Job System – Creating jobs in Cloud Control