Microsoft BIztalk

Microsoft BIztalk

Microsoft BizTalk Server (or simply "BizTalk") enables companies to automate business processes, through the use of adapters which are tailored to communicate with different software systems used in an enterprise. Created by Microsoft, it provides enterprise application integration, business process automation, business-to-business communication, message broker and business activity monitoring.

BizTalk Server was previously positioned as both an application server and an application integration server[clarify]. Microsoft changed this strategy when they released the AppFabric server which became their official application server.

In a common scenario, BizTalk enables companies to integrate and manage automated business processes by exchanging business documents such as purchase orders and invoices between disparate applications, within or across organizational boundaries.

Human-centric processes cannot be implemented directly with BizTalk Server and need additional applications like Microsoft SharePoint server.

Development for BizTalk Server is done through Microsoft Visual Studio. A developer can create transformation maps transforming one message type to another. (For example an XML file can be transformed to SAP IDocs.) Messages inside BizTalk are implemented through the XML documents and defined with the XML schemas in XSD standard. Maps are implemented with the XSLT standard. Orchestrations are implemented with the WS-BPEL compatible process language xLANG. Schemas, maps, pipelines and orchestrations are created visually using graphical tools within Microsoft Visual Studio. The additional functionality can be delivered by .NET assemblies that can be called from existing modules—including, for instance, orchestrations, maps, pipelines, business rules.

Introduction to BizTalk Server 2009
    •	Schemas Creation
    •	Maps Creation
    •	Deploying a BizTalk Project
    •	Routing BizTalk Messages

Creating Pipelines
    •	Integrating with Adapters
    •	BizTalk Orchestration Creation
    •	Automating Business Processes

Creating Transactional Business Processes
    •	Deploying and Managing BizTalk Applications
    •	Integrating with Web Services
    •	Integrating Business Rules
    •	Monitoring Business Activity
    •	Integrating with Trading Partners

Creating Maps
    •	Creating a Basic Map
    •	Validate The MAP
    •	String Factoids
    •	Date Time Factoids
    •	Database Factoids
    •	Scripting Factoids
    •	Custom Factoids
    •	Mathematical Factoids
    •	Advanced Factoids

Creating a BizTalk Orchestration
    •	Introduction to BizTalk Orchestration
    •	Creating a New BizTalk Orchestration
    •	Creating BizTalk Orchestration Ports
    •	Creating BizTalk Orchestration Messages
    •	How To Work With Message Assignment Shape
    •	How To Work With Transform Shape
    •	How To Work With Expression Shape
    •	How To Work With Delay Shape
    •	How To Work With Terminate Shape