IBM Tivoli access manager (TAM) Administration

IBM Tivoli access manager (TAM) Administration

IBM Tivoli Access Manager is an authentication and authorization solution for corporate Web, client-server, and e-commerce applications. It controls access to business critical information and resources with centralized, flexible, and scalable access control. Learn the skills necessary to install and configure each component, secure a Web infrastructure using WebSEAL, use common auditing to centralize reports, learn Web applications, create security policies, and manage user sessions. This course includes hands-on labs that reinforce the skills required to deploy and administer Tivoli Access Manager for e-business.

Course outline

Unit 1: Introduction and Overview

• IBM Tivoli Access Manager functions • IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business

Unit 2: Installation

• Product prerequisites • Supported platforms and the user registries. • Installing Tivoli Access Manager

Unit 3: Tivoli Access Manager and the LDAP User Registry

• Lightweight Directory Access Protocol overview • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol entries • Role the user registry in IBM Tivoli Access Manager

Unit 4: Managing Access Control

• pdadmin and the Web Portal Manager • Managing users and groups • Domain membership and multiple domains • Defining access control lists (ACLs) • Managing access control lists • Protected object policies (POPs) • Managing protected object policies

Unit 5: Introduction to WebSEAL

• Overview and architecture • Protecting web resources. • WebSEAL authentication mechanisms • WebSEAL junctions • Web space scalability

Unit 6: WebSEAL Installation and Configuration

• WebSEAL installation components • WebSEAL installation prerequisites • Installation • Configuration • Management

Unit 7: WebSEAL Authentication

• Basic authentication • Forms authentication • Client-side certificate authentication • HTTP header authentication • Internet Protocol (IP) authentication • Token authentication

Unit 8: WebSEAL Junctions

• Standard WebSEAL junctions • Managing standard WebSEAL junctions • WebSEAL link filtering • Transparent path junctions

Unit 9: Single Sign-on

• Basic authentication single sign-on • Global single sign-on (GSO) • Forms single sign-on

Unit 10: Session Management Server (SMS)

• Server Redundancy • Using SMS to support redundancy between WebSEAL instances • Session management using SMS

Unit 11: Logging and Auditing

• TAMeB and WebSEAL logging capabilities • Difference between logging and auditing in a TAMeB context • Configuring logging • Configuring auditing

Unit 12: Producing Reports

• Common Audit Service (CAS) installation • Tivoli Common Reporting (TCR) installation • Configuring Tivoli Access Manager components to send audit information to CAS. • Generating audit reports

Unit 13: Protecting JEE Applications

• Java authorization contract for containers (JACC) and TAM interaction • Configuring authorization and user mapping to secure Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) applications