IBM-BPM V8.5 Advanced Administration

IBM-BPM V8.5 Advanced Administration

WWebSphere BPM Administration online training we used to explain installation, configuration and day-to-day tasks associated with ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of a BPM runtime environment. This includes product installation, configuration and deployment of business applications, connecting to back-end resources and basic troubleshooting.

The system administrator is generally self-sufficient and able to perform most of the tasks involved in the role with limited assistance from peers, product documentation, and vendor support services.


It is assumed that the individual following this roadmap has basic skills in the following areas:
•	General knowledge of the Java 2 platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) and SOA
•	Experience in system administration on operating systems such as Windows XP or 7, UNIX, Linux and z/OS
•	Good understanding of basic Internet concepts such as firewalls, Web browsers, TCP/IP, SSL, and HTTP
•	Basic knowledge of Web services such as SOAP, UDDI, and WSDL
•	Experience in administration of WebSphere Application Server

Course outline

• Course introduction • Overview of IBM Business Process Manager Advanced 8 • IBM Business Process Manager Advanced architecture overview • IBM Business Process Manager Advanced installation • Exercise: Configuring the cell • Exercise: Installing the IBM HTTP Server • Introduction to IBM Process Center • Exercise: Exploring IBM Process Center • Overview of IBM Process Server • IBM Process Server components • IBM Process Server deployment topologies • Exercise: Creating the clusters • Introduction to Business Space • Exercise: Configuring Business Space • Exercise: Configuring the Process Server component • Introduction to the service integration bus • Exercise: Configuring the messaging cluster • Business process choreography • Exercise: Installing and configuring Business Process Choreographer • Application deployment concepts • Failed event manager overview • Exercise: IBM Process Server administration • Exercise: Administering Business Space • Overview of Performance Data Warehouse • Exercise: Configuring the Performance Data Warehouse • Overview of deployment scenarios • Exercise: Managing offline and online Process Servers • IBM Process Server advanced topologies • Exercise: Configuring messaging engine policies and transaction log failover • Security • Exercise: Configuring SSL • Exercise: Implementing security with LDAP • Problem determination • Course summary