Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Corporate Training programs are often competency based and related to the essential training for employees. We mainly focus on encouraging the employees to do particular task not only related to his domain but also of other domains. We assure you that the outcome of our corporate training program will be a participant who is capable to perform a specific task in an effective manner according to pre-determined training criteria.

The primary role of our corporate training programs is to ensure an employee has the knowledge and skills to undertake a specific operation to enable an organization can continue to operate. Basically, our corporate training is centered on knowledge transfer, with an instructor not only guiding and teaching students but also proving the facts with several real-time examples. Our instructors are real-time experts with many years of experience in their own domains. Based on your domain of trainings, we allocate corporate trainers for your organization.

We provide corporate training to your employees at flexible sessions. Your training @ Your time is our main policy. You can choose your convenient time for trainings… No minimum and maximum limit of the number of students for our programs. One to many, we train them based at their capability not their number..

We offers formal training in corporate settings. We serve several fortune 500 clients for their training needs. Our trainers travel to client site (Local and other cities) and provide training at client site. Generally the training schedule is Fast track full day training. We cater all needs of organization like software installation and configuration. Train the corporate staff on new software introduced to the organization. We have direct partnerships with reputed software companies to train you as implementation partner.

  • Client site full day training for group of employs.
  • Client site skill enhancement program for new platforms implementation.
  • Software installation and configuration services.

Our trainers travel to client site on-demand. Our trainers stay near client site for over 7-10 days during the training period.

Generally we require 7 day advance notice period to schedule for all corporate training.